We are an association of lawyers and journalists fighting for the rights of Russian citizens to information access and distribution.

Our Achievements

We defended Svetlana Davydova whom the authorities had tried to accuse of espionage in favor of Ukraine; as a result, the case against her was terminated. having not reached the court.

We defended women from Sochi convicted for high treason for having SMSed about things seen by the whole city. Today, all of them are released from prison.

We achieved permission from the Constitutional Court of Russia to disclose child adoption secrets for the sake of adopted persons’ health.

Our Current Cases

We are defending Aleksandr Eivazov, a whistleblower from within the Russian judicial system detained for having disclosed information on real state of affairs in courts: goo.gl/ivvPto

We are defending Petr Parpulov, a flight dispatcher convicted for alleged «high treason» and deprived even of pardon despite of his weak health.

We represent in courts relatives of Raoul Wallenberg who are seeking for information how their family member who had saved tens of thousands of Jews from Holocaust disappeared in Stalinist prisons.

We are assisting investigative journalists from Transparency International in their court case against ex-head of Vladimir Putin’s campaign headquarters.

Our Journalists

Tell (together with lawyers) how to withstand government bodies efficiently if needed: how to behave within searching, questioning, or detention, and how to search for necessary information. More than 30 thousand people read us each month. Most popular texts of ours collect more than 100 thousand views.

Cooperate with other media and organizations such as Meduza, Novaya Gazeta, Transparency International, and others.

Our Awards

Ivan Pavlov, Jd, PhD, Attorney at Law and Team 29 founder, is a laureate of the Human Rights Watch’s Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism (2018) and of the Moscow Helsinki Group Award (2015).

The Team 29 is included in the short list of the Freedom of Expression Awards (2018).