We defend Alexander Eivazov, ex-secretary of a district court in St.-Petersburg, a whistleblower who disclosed how judges abused the law. In February, first of all, our attorneys found in his case a blank protocol already signed by the federal judge who is the wronged person in the case. This is an overwhelming law violation that may mean falsification within the case and conspiracy between the investigator and the judge. Later, the court prolonged detention term for Eivazov beyond the maximal term limit. This is one more overwhelming law violation in the same case.

Our colleagues from the Amnesty International issues and urgent action in support of Eivazov (recognized a political prisoner and a prisoner of conscience) advocating for his immediate release.

Also, the Team 29 and the MediaZona started a project “The Eivazov Blackbox” where court employees can anonymously speak about law and right abuses in courts.