Team 29

We are an association of lawyers and journalists fighting for the rights of Russian citizens to information access and distribution.


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    How the FSB Tortures Detainees: Stories of the Victims
    Torture victims and activists say violence has become a common practice in the security services. Anyone whosoever can become their victim: Muslims and atheists, anarchists and entrepreneurs, industrial climbers and [...]
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    How Team 29 tries to shed a light on “troll factory”
    Team 29 helped ex-employees of so-called “troll factory” in Saint-Petersburg in court. “Troll factory” is “Teka” Ltd, former “Internet Research Agency” Ltd.  It is a company in St.-Petersburg, Russia, publishing [...]
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    In search of Raoul Wallenberg’s fate
    Raoul Wallenberg is a Holocaust hero who saved tens of thousands of Jews during the World War II. Together with his family members, the Team 29 is seeking for access [...]
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    Nilsen’s case: no way for media in Russia
    The Team 29 represents interests of Thomas Nilsen, a Norwegian journalist and Chief Editor of The Barents Observer who has been forbidden to enter Russia for five years. Nilsen learned [...]
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    Eivazov’s case: system against whistleblower
    We defend Alexander Eivazov, ex-secretary of a district court in St.-Petersburg, a whistleblower who disclosed how judges abused the law. In February, first of all, our attorneys found in his [...]
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    On Distaff Side. What do we know on women from Sochi sentenced for SMS messages
    In December 2016, the Team 29 named six women tried for high treason in Krasnodar since 2013. One of them, Oksana Sevastidi, is now released. After release, she told a story [...]
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    “I Have Never Said That” How people are tried for espionage and high treason in...
    For 2013 — 2016, at least ten people were convicted for high treason and espionage in the Krasnodar Territory; this is almost a quarter of the total number of sentences [...]